Body Wraps

Muscle Ease Limo Wrap
A mask of Limu (seaweed) containing a warming blend of Pine and Rosemary essential oils is applied and you are cocooned into a foil wrap. Let your body absorb the active ingredients to help ease arthritis, fatigue and muscle spasm. Perfect way to relax after a vigorous workout.

"Let it Go" Lymphotox Limo Wrap

Mask of Limo (seaweed) and essental oil blend supports
recovery from cancer, chronic fatigue and auto-immune
disease. Recommended addition to any detox program.

Canditox Limo Wrap

A mask containing Limo (seaweed) and an essential oil blend
that is antiseptic and antifungal. Deeply sooth ing satisfaction
and relief of topical discomfort. Recommended addition to a
candida cleanse or diet.

Cellutox Limo Wrap
Limu (seaweed), known to purify the body and spirit, is combined with cleansing Juniper and Lemon essential oils. This mask is applied to detoxify, decongest, and stimulate your body systems while you have a soothing face and scalp massage. Perfect treatment to experience while on a detox program...good for cellulite!

Sinutox Limo Wrap
Mask of Limu (Seaweed) and essential oil blend to open sinus passages and aid in drainage of congestion. You are wrapped warm linen sheets that are pre soaked in the blend, and a stimulating head and facial massage helps you breathe easier.

Milk and Honey Body Wrap

This wrap is designed to activate your inner glow. You are wrapped in warm linen sheets that have been pe-soaked in milk, honey and an essential blend that was inspired by Cleopatra herself! Warm and sensual. Open your heart as you share some of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets...A royal wrap!

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