Aura Soma Color Massage

After an Aura Soma Color Consultation, the Equilibrium bottle of your choice may used with your massage . Aura-Soma is about consciousness growth, bringing balance, ease and awareness to all levels of the body, mind and spirit.

Swedish Massage
Pure relaxation to soothe the nerves, muscles, and reduce stress.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Subtle hand maneuvers aid in the circulation of lymphatic fluid flow, stimulating the immune system, stimulating deep cleansing, decreasing swelling and stimulating the fluid systems of the body on all levels.

LomiLomi Hawaiian Massage
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This traditional, prayerful massage of Hawai’i focuses on balancing body, mind and spirit. Long, gentle strokes and manipulation of the muscle induces deep relaxation and a sense of well being. Kukui nut oil with tropical essential oils will take you to a place of balance and stillness. Shhh...can you hear the islands calling you?

Pregnancy Massage

Hapai (Mother-to-be) Massage-Soothing full body massage designed to relax your constricted muscles, so that you can take care of yourself and baby. We use specially prepared lotion that minimizes stretch marks and nourishes the skin.

Hot Lava Stone Massage

Smooth lava rocks are heated then covered in kukui nut oil that carries the therapeutic warmth deep into the muscles and joints.

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Linda Atwell-Hahn RMT

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