Lomilomi has been with the Hawaiian people from the start of their oral history. It is a healing tradition that uses many techniques, including massage, heat, diet, cleansing, topical herbal therapy, exercise, health education and counseling, or ho’oponopono. Ancient practitioners often received their knowledge from the aumakua, ancestral gods, in dreams; these visions could be instantaneous, transmitting a body of information to the practitioner in a flash of light. Modern practitioners continue the traditions of inspiration and extensive practical training. The honorary title kahuna of lomilomi is sometimes bestowed upon a worthy practitioner by the native people.

The most popular form of body therapy in Hawai’i is massage. Lomi means to knead, or rub or soothe. Lomilomi has a more intensive meaning. It is a system of deep communication using biomechanical and energetic waves to stimulate the cells to heal and regenerate.

Pule, or prayer, is performed at the beginning and end of a session. 80% of healing is spiritual.

Haha (assessment)

Physical assessment is performed to discover the seat or source of the symptoms and disease (ma’i). Haha means to feel for something.

LomiLomi practitioners are knowledgeable about the anatomy of the body in order to recognize the organs, muscles, nerves, bones, veins and lymphatic vessels. It is a traditional method of palpation to detect inflammation, misalignment or energetic dysfunction.

Hawaiian LomiLomi consists of both gentle and deep techniques, such as rubbing and stroking, kneading, pounding, pressing, shaking, vibrating, pulling, pinching, rolling and deep pressure point-compressions. Energetic techniques that coordinate breath and spirit would normally be integrated into the manual procedures. The lomiLomi recipient may be instructed to use herbs externally as well as internally. Each individual case would determine the type of treatment. A treatment plan may require a minimum of three sessions.

Prayer at the opening and closing of each session sets the tone of the session and generates trust and good feelings.

When a person has done something that creates a loss of balance in their relationship within themselves or with significant others, a process of forgiveness and reconciliation is necessary for optimal healing.

Steam baths, sauna, warm stones wrapped in herbs, cleansing herbs and diet may be recommended to help the healing process.

LomiLomi Therapists at Harmony Healthcare...
Linda Atwell-Hahn RMT, MTI

Linda was certified in LomiLomi by Kathleen Noelani Bennett on the island of Oahu. Noelani Bennett studied under the renowned Lomilomi Master, Margaret Machado.  She has been practicing Hawaiian Lomilomi for 30 years and teaching for over a decade.  Noelani’s students gain not only technical skills in Lomilomi; but also a deeper understanding and reverence for Hawaiian art and culture.  Please visit Noe's website @ www.handstowardheaven.com.


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