Aura Soma Color Bath
Bathing with the Equilibrium bottle of your choice will help restore, revitalize and rebalance all levels of your being. Swim in the color you choose!

"Let it Go" Lymphotox Limo Bath
Limo (seaweed) and essential oil blend for cleansing blood, draining lymph, reducing edema, increasing circulation. This oil blend added to your bath supports cancer recovery, chronic fatigue and auto-immune disease. Recommended addition to any detox program.

Cool Breeze Tranquility Bath
An exquisite blend of essential oils is added to your soothing bath to enhance relaxation, peace and tranquility. Close your eyes, lay back and go to a quiet place where there is no stress or tension. Perfect when you just need to get away...

On the Beach Pa'akai Limo Bath
Experience the benefits of the Hawaiian sea as volcanic clay, Hawaiian sea salt, and Limo (seaweed) are combined to detoxify the body, soul and spirit. Aloha...

Muscle Ease Limo Bath
Limu (seaweed) and a warming essential oil blend of Pine and Rosemary essential oils is added to the swirling water. Let your body absorb the active ingredients to help ease arthritis, fatigue and muscle spasm. Perfect way to relax after a vigorous workout.

Canditox Limo Bath

Limo (seaweed) and an essential oil blend that is antiseptic and antifungal. Deeply soothing satisfaction and relief of topical discomfort. Recommended addition to a candida cleanse or diet.

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