There is more to color than meets the eye. Color has power, and there are many ways you can benefit from color energy. Color gives beauty and joy. Color helps inspire action and change. Researchers in psychology have demonstrated that color helps you access your deepest impulses and desires. And so, it can help you alter your moods and behavior. Color offers deep insight. Perhaps the most exciting quality of color is that it can help you access your very essence. Within your essence lies your unique inner beauty. With its unlimited potential for joy, change and deep insight, color energy can help you transform your life. The rainbow of colors represents the rainbow within each one of us. Each color has a meaning, a wondrous possibility of unfolding your potential. Your selection of Equilibrium color bottles reveals your story, your possibilities and what bottle or bottles are appropriate for you to use.

You can consciously use the
power and potential of color to
make positive changes in your life
and help shape your future.

Contact Linda Atwell, Aura Soma Color Practitioner, at Harmony Healthcare for a personal color consultation.

Know yourself better
Feel more relaxed
Connect with your Spirit
Feel happier about yourself
Acknowledge your strengths
Express your individuality
Bring more enthusiasm to your day
Feel more confident

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