My name is Linda Atwell-Hahn. I am director of Harmony Healthcare Center of Healing Waters in Porter, Texas. In 1981 I was diagnosed with Behcets disease, an autoimmune disorder that affected my hormones, muscular, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems. I had fevers of undetermined origin, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus like symptoms. I started having seizures, developed a blood clot in my right lung, and chronic pancreatitis which shut my digestive system down. I was on 24 hour TPN (IV nutrition) for 3 years and lost my hair after several rounds of chemotherapy.

I met a doctor who practices natural medicine. He advised me to get colonics. The colonics jump started my life again! After just 5 hydrocolonic sessions, I lost 38 pounds of toxic waste that was in my colon. I was autointoxicated. I began to immediately and steadily improve. I fell in love with colonics and wanted to learn how to help others with this gentle procedure. I traveled to Florida to be trained and certified as a colon therapist. I am excited to have the opportunity to share my passion of hydrocolonics with my friends and loved ones here in Texas.

Years of study to help myself have led me to the fields of colonics, nutrition, detoxification, massage, REIKI, Aura Soma, aromatherapy, learning about my nature as a spiritual being, counseling and teaching. I love sharing what I've learned with others, am looking forward to meeting YOU. You will find Harmony Healthcare Center of Healing Waters is a special, peaceful place (with a bit of Hawaiian aloha spirit).

Iíve learned that BEHIND EVERY DARK CLOUD, THE BEAUTIFUL SUN IS STILL SHINING! Please join us here in our celebration of life! Linda




Linda Atwell-Hahn CCT, RMT, MTI, RM

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